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rafts to Sell at Craft Shows In 2022

If you have a strong desire to start something, why learn woodwork and make wood crafts to sell at craft shows. For starters, making crafts is an age-old source of income that can be managed from the comfort of your home.

Additionally, wood items have a high-profit margin and can be sold either online or in person. In fact, there are hundreds of eCommerce shops that deal exclusively in wood crafts. I also like the fact that working with wood is an outlet for enhancing creativity.

So, have you ever made money selling crafts, for example selling crafts at a farmers market? I’m here to let you know that this is not only a profitable business but also one that is easy to manage. 

However, the first important step is the need to establish if there is a market for your crafts. To leave no stone unturned, you also need to research and know how much different wood crafts sell for.

In this post, you’ll find the most profitable woodworking projects to build and sell. Also, learn about the craft ideas that sell fast including places to sell your creations. To get you started, let’s look at wood projects that bring in the most money.

Here we go…

Wood Projects that Make Money

You are not here to show off your skills or impress people but to make real money. It’s all about making your customers keep coming back for more.

Are you determined to turn your creativity into a profession and make money? Then, take a look at the following woodworking projects that you can make and sell at a tidy profit.

1. Wooden Utensils

Source: Cossetspace/Etsy

Spoons, forks, knives, and sugar bowls made out of wood are sleek and luxurious items. Apart from practical use, wooden utensils can be used as ornamental pieces too!

Compared to metal utensils, wooden utensils conduct slowly, making them a big hit with children. Make long-lasting items that don’t show scratch easily to ensure a loyal customer base.

2. Wooden Plant Potters

Large Wooden Planter

Source: QuietLV/Etsy

Plant boxes are easy to make, cheap, and yet incredibly profitable. The items can be sold to decorate gardens, patios, terraces, and even indoors more beautifully.

You can sell these items at crafts shows or even online on platforms such as Etsy, Artfire, and Shopify. They sell extremely well because they can be customized with labels, shades, etc.

3. Phone Docking Station

Wooden Phone Docking Station

Source: SerdarWood/Etsy

This project is very useful and handy for docking and charging spots for phones. You can customize the crafts by adding a name tag or phone logo for ease of use inside an office setting.

It can also sell as a phone stand-alone charging system for cars. What’s more, a phone docking station can be sold to anybody around the world.

Find a way of collaborating with phone shops and distributors, and you can be selling the stations in huge volumes. Head over to and start looking through amazing wooden phone docking station ideas.

4. Wooden Pallet Christmas Trees

Wooden Christmas Tree

Source: TheBrushAndPallet/Etsy

Are you looking for a quick alternative to a Christmas tree that you can sell then? Then a wooden pallet Christmas tree is the way to go.

Simply pile up pieces of reclaimed wood on top of one another and add some festive decorations – which you can buy online at an affordable price.

This is a seasonal product to sell with high-profit margins. Moreover, wood is easy to pet and baby-proof for fun times for the whole family.

Small Wood Projects that Make Money

Woodworking is a fun and energizing hobby that can make you money. Each of the items in this list is simple to create and surprisingly easy to scale up as you keep growing your business.

With the right plan, you can earn a full-time living from the following amazing small wood projects. If you are short on skills don’t worry, these are easy-to-make crafts.

5. Picture Frame

Wooden Picture Frames

Source: Zeboogie/Etsy

One of my favorite beginner-friendly DIY craft options is a picture frame. They grace our houses and hold memories of days gone by. One pronounced thing about a picture frame is how diverse in design it can be. With a unique spin, they can be a great source of income selling anywhere between $8 and $30 apiece.

It is also advisable to fit beautiful pictures on your frames when setting up at a craft show. This allows customers to get a clear picture of how theirs will look when they make the purchase.

6. Jewelry Box

Large Jewelry Box

Source: IcarveYouCarve/Etsy

Made from rustic wood or barn wood, jewelry boxes sell very well at craft shows compared to a regular plastic jewelry boxes. Ladies who have more than their fair share of necklaces, earrings, and rings are your target clientele for these crafts.

This business can be initiated with a small capital investment without the need of taking out a bank loan. Better yet, a wooden jewelry box is a high-end product that can be sold for at least $40-$50 online and at craft shows. That said, it helps to come up with beautiful designs and roomy boxes to attract buyers.

7. Wooden Letters and Numbers

Decorative Fillable Wooden Letters

Source: EgyptianAlexPharaoh/Etsy

Many of us have or had wooden letters spelling names somewhere in the house. Making wooden letters is very easy and can potentially make you lots of money. You can paint them to achieve special designs or use customized fonts for better aesthetics. For crafts that are meant for outdoor use, coat them with a glossy waterproof finish.

8. Drink Caddy

Learn how to make a wooden beer caddy from the instructional video below.

The end result is a pretty and handy 6-pack drink carrier that can be used for picnics and serving during barbeques.

You should definitely have this one in your wooden crafts show stall! Depending on the design, you can sell your beer holders for $30 – $60 per box.

Easy Wood Projects that Make Money

Are you a full-time stay–at–home–mom or dad? Is your backyard full of scrap wood? Before you turn that pile of wood into firewood, did you know that you can profit from it? This is by making fairly simple wood projects which you can sell at crafts shows and local markets.

Woodworking doesn’t do well in the house. So, it is very important to secure a place to work on your project- the garage or garden shed would be a perfect spot.

Here are a few easy woodwork project ideas that can make you money, check them out!

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9. Coaster Sets

Coasters are great items for you to make use of randomly shaped pieces of scrap wood.

Further, these sets are easy to make and sell, with a pair going for $10 or more at your local craft shows or fairs. Coasters sell like hotcakes, especially during Christmas and other holidays.

10. Coffee Cup Racks

Coffee cup racks are similar to coat hangers on a smaller scale. These are fast, easy, cheap, and desirable kitchen items to make.

In addition, they make superb gifts during holidays and birthdays. You can also market to interior decorators who use these profitable woodworking projects in their work.

11. Storage Boxes

Wooden Box with hinged lid

Source: Swagstr/Etsy

Here is another woodcraft that is easy to create and make money from. For storage boxes, aesthetics are not a big issue so you can use wood that has been left in your backyard for years. To sell fast, you can make an all-in-one storage box that can also double up as a coffee table. 

Get preschoolers flocking to your stall with toy storage boxes painted with superheroes. What’s more, with the increased use of plastic, not many people make wooden storage boxes in bulk. This means few boxes are on sale, driving the price tag up! Put in more effort and strike it rich today!

12. Candleholder

Provided that you follow the right procedure, then there is no need to worry about making a candle holder made of wood with the fear that it can cause a fire.

You should, however, ensure that your designs unique since candleholders are quite a common item in craft shows. 

All you need to reap the benefits is a log, a Forstner bit, a shaping tool, and a drill. If you want you can stamp your own designs to make them unique. It also helps to make candle holders that are big enough to accommodate both big and small candles.

Woodworking for Craft Shows

If you are going to sell these items, make sure you are better than the next best person. The plain truth is that if you make poorly executed items, they won’t sell. Nowadays, people don’t like low-quality items especially at local craft shows where people expect talent.

Check the following woodworking crafts that redefine perfection.

13. Wooden Dog Beds

Dog beds made from wood could prove attractive to dog owners when searching for something else apart from plastic beds. With the estimated global pet industry said, to be worth $202.6 billion by 2025, you have a ready market for the beds.

Most importantly, wooden beds are strong, comfortable, and aren’t difficult to construct, making it a rewarding business to tap into. Sell them at craft shows and dog shows, and watch your profits skyrocket.

14. Wooden Doormat

Wooden Doormat

Source: SullivanFineProducts/Etsy

Wooden projects aren’t just found on walls, they can be on the ground welcoming people to your house.

Doormats made of wood are one such item that is not only easy to make but also fetch quite a high price. The craft can also be customized with both names and feel-good messages.

15. Holiday Signs

Holiday decorations are fun to make for the whole family. Why not make it a business? You have a variety of options to choose from for different holidays. If you miss one there is always another one coming.

Make sure that you advertise them at crafts shows before the holiday so that people have time to buy and hang them.

16. Wood Lanterns

Rustic Wooden Laterns

Source: 3heifershomedecor/Etsy

Wood lanterns are outdoor décor that is easy to design. For this project, use materials such as tobacco sticks or small pine wood.

Make unique or custom wooden lanterns and sell either as single items or sets. Make sure to recoup your labor and investment by setting the right price. 

Pricing Wood Crafts Tip: Take the cost of materials and multiply by 3 or 4 to get the right price range for your products.

Best-Selling Wood Work Projects

A lot of people need woodwork crafts in their homes and offices for various reasons. The fundamental part is mastering the skill and being able to make a magazine-worthy inventory.

With this, you can get yourself good publicity irrespective of whether you are a stay-at-home mom, student, or an unemployed graduate.

Have a look at the following best-sellers for inspiration.

17. Growth Rulers

Wooden growth ruler

Source: FramedDecor/Etsy

Growth rulers are simple to make and they sell really well. Most people prefer theirs customized and you are absolutely sure to sell at your local market to families with young kids.

Depending on the quality of the materials and finish, you can sell wooden growth at prices ranging from $10 to $25.

18. Wine Rack

Making a wooden store for wine collections does not require expensive tools or advanced skills. All you need is some pallet wood, glue, and a few ideas on how to make strong joints.

Remember, so as to get the upper hand against your competitors, you have to do go the extra mile. So, add some unique features, such as wine labels, to your designs. You can list your racks on e-commerce stores or locally at craft shows and markets.

19. Toy Building Blocks

Wooden blocks set

Source: LeTrusquinBoutique/Etsy

If you are looking for a toy in your stores that you can sell to both kids, parents, and seniors, look no further.

Wooden toy blocks are easy to make and may last longer than hollow plastic ones. And, nowadays, they have become a novelty meaning that there’s definitely a market for wooden toys. 

You can make wooden puzzles with quality wood and sell them for top dollar. While at it, you can also be on the lookout for wooden toy ideas to liven up your booth.

Wood Crafts that Sell at a Flea Market

The more things change, the more they stay the same. As such, even with the popularity of alternative markets, the best place to start selling homemade crafts is at your local or regional flea market.

Such markets can choose to specialize in items such as clothes while others only deal in furniture. As a crafts seller, research the latter. Crafts at flea markets include indoor décors like chairs and wooden utensils as well as outdoor wood crafts like sheds and railings.

Since you don’t need formal qualifications to make these wood crafts then nothing should stand in your way in pursuing woodwork crafts as a viable home-based business.

With that in mind, let me shine a light on wood crafts that sell fast at flea markets.

20. Baby Cradles

Handmade wooden doll cradle

Source: Taborswoodworking/Etsy

A baby cradle is a piece of popular classic furniture that is always in demand. Parents will pay top dollar and go the extra mile to get the best cradle for their kids.

Safety is the key here, so use the very top-notch materials to get the best profits. Other kid’s furniture that you can make includes kiddie chairs, beds, tables, and storage cupboards.

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21. Chairside Bookcase

Definitely, a chairside bookcase is a popular addition that a few can resist.

Every home needs several bookcases… well, at least that is the case in my home. The classic designs, however, leave room for creativity and adaptability to the modern home setting.

Make your bookcases to complement armchairs or couches. This will make your creations to be of great utility and demand around the house. 

22. Beer Crate

Wooden Beer Caddy

Source: KPFCraftings/Etsy

You’ve seen beer crates, the design is easy to execute. And not only can wooden crates be used by beer sellers, but they can also be used for normal household storage. Feel free to add your own take to make it easy to sell at your local market flea.

23. Chopsticks and Toothpicks

Wooden Chopstick

Source: GiftGoGreen/Etsy

Both chopsticks and toothpicks are essential dining items that are popular in our homes and eateries. You can engage your kids to color the top end of the chopsticks to create variety.

Earn some good cash by carving and packaging toothpicks for sale at flea markets and around your neighborhood fairs.

Handmade Wood Crafts

Handmade crafts can be intimidating and challenging at times but to be a success in any business, you have to ta into your creativity. You also need to learn from failures. So, to ensure success, be ready to make and break several models before you hit the jackpot.

No one captured this reality better than former Secretary of States Colin Powel who opined that “There are no secrets to success. It is the result of preparation, hard work, and learning from failure”. 

Your road to success begins right here on this page. Check the following handmade wood crafts that you can make and launch your crafts business.

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24. Wooden Eyeglass Case

Wooden eyeglass case

Source: OnlyEcoFriendlyUA/Etsy

Wooden eyeglass cases are quite popular novelty crafts. However, there are a few challenges along the way. Eyeglasses come in different sizes and shapes. So you are the one to decide what shape and size your want to be known for. You may also choose to make customized orders that go at a high price.

Finally, remember to be very careful with your design since eyeglasses are delicate and require equally foolproof protection.

25. Bag Hangers

Kid's room wooden elephant wall hook

Source: Thejunglehook/Etsy

People these hangers to organize their bags. Make them with quality wood to sell at a flea market near you at a good amount online on platforms such as Shopify and Etsy (Comparison Review).

26. Bookends

With less than or a $500 you can start this business from your home. For it to be a success, your creativity and ability to design unique and different bookends will play a very big role.

It is not always about ‘people and profits’ but also looking at the bigger picture and using eco-friendly materials and being part of a safe planet.

27. Coffee Table

Wooden round coffee table

Source: Bigdswood/Etsy

You can make about everything with plywood including a coffee table. Customers like a versatile item, and with wood, you can accomplish just that while still retaining a modern and clean look.

If you want, you can create a built-in storage compartment to hide magazines and remotes. And then sell at a higher price for the added utility.

Also Checkout: Most Profitable Resin Crafts You Can Sell For Profit

28. Wooden Tissue Boxes

One fact for sure about this item is that wooden boxes are more durable compared to regular paper-made tissue holders.

If you can craft cute wooden boxes, then a lot of car owners would make you a priority and you can easily build a loyal customer base at your flea market.

Plywood Project that Sell

With standard plywood found around our homes and construction sites, you can come up with projects that sell fast at craft shows and flea markets. Here are a few ideas:

29. Plywood Table

Molded plywood side table

Source: Jgallerydesign/Etsy

With just a single sheet of birch plywood, you can construct an elegant table from your garage. If you are a beginner, it might take a while but once your woodworking skills have improved, you’ll be set.

With the right skill set, it should take you just one afternoon to make a table making you $100 in profits.

30. Plywood Hand Truck

A plywood hand truck might look expensive at first but that’s not the case. You can construct a heavy-lifting hand truck including wheels from just a single piece of plywood and few woodblocks. To ensure durability and strength, go for interlocking joinery.

31. Plywood Playhouse

Plywood playhouse

Source: StevensonProjectsLLC/Etsy

Help parents who want more ways to have their kids go play outside.

A plywood playhouse is a really cool solution that beats having to plant a tree for an eventual treehouse.

When constructing, make sure that you don’t expose screws or nails that can hurt kids.

32. Plywood Doghouse

Plywood pet house

Source: CNCfurnishape/Etsy

Plywood is the perfect material for almost every outdoor project that requires wood, including a kennel. Construct a dog house that will fit both big and small dogs to ensure versatility at the flea market. Through in a name plank and you can hike up the price tag a bit and dog owners will still be interested.

33. Plywood Office Chair

Plywood Office Chair

Source: MzxDesign/Etsy

Whether it’s a rocking chair or an office chair it requires excellent craftsmanship to make. That said, the project requires only a few pieces of wood blocks, plywood, and screws to create.

Make a super comfy rocking chair from your backyard and sell it to mothers and the elderly.

34. Kitchen Pantry

Make your customer’s kitchen Instagram worthy with a wooden pantry. This is another project whose design only requires a piece of plywood and the usual woodworking materials and tools. Your creations can be used to store and organize spices plus other food items.

Wood Projects for Beginners

On this particular topic, it is all about looking for the simplest wood project as you keep developing your woodworking skill.

Find a market to focus on, for example, crafts that kids can design and sell, home décor, or outdoor décor.

Once you zero in on your niche,  get started with the simplest crafts you can think of and build your way up as your woodworking abilities improve. 

Get a few ideas below!

35. Credit Card Holder

Personalized Wood Credit Card Holder


This is easy to make craft and one that does not need much time. Sell the cardholders as promotional corporate gifts.

Well… with just simple tools, you can make a variety of different wooden business cardholders. To drive the price up, you can engrave customers’ names or business logos as per requests.

36. Chopping Board

A chopping board is a must-have for every kitchen. Apart from the obvious ready market for the craft, making a wooden chopping board is as easy as woodworking can be.

Just cut the right size of a hardwood plank, smoothen it, and sell it. You can list your cutting boards on Etsy and craft shows.

37. Wristwatch Holders

The list of wood crafts that can sell at a flea market is incomplete without mentioning wristwatch holders. No need for fancy designs here, just simple woodcraft that the whole family can use to hang/store their watches.

38. Wooden Sandbox

Miniature Wooden Sandbox

Source: TinyPawGifts/Etsy

Wooden sandboxes make a great gift for kids. They make it easy for kids to play in the dirt without messing up the whole house.

With this craft, it is best that you sell at your local market or craft show since shipping can be costly if the item is a bulky item. You can avoid this by making miniature or tabletop sandbox.

39. Hardwood Rings

Hardwood Rings

Source: TimKierstead/Etsy

With little pieces of wood, you can make beautiful wedding rings that are booming in the market right now. 

40. Salt and Pepper Shakers

With short offcuts from other wood projects, you can quickly make a salt shaker and sell for up to $20 at markets and wood shows. Tip: Use plugs with a 9/16’’ Forstner bit to drill out the bottom of the shakers.

Best Woodworking Money Makers

Coming up with beautiful, hand-crafted wood items that sell is an extremely creative rewarding way to earn. It’s an art by itself that can really set you up for life.

However, to make the big bucks from your woodworking skills, you need to create real moneymakers. I’m talking about wooden crafts that can sell for $100 apiece. 

Interested? Here are some stellar ideas.

41. Chess Board Game

Wood rustic chess set

Source: ZitounaWood/Etsy

Chess boards are some of the best gift ideas that I have come across. It is a very competitive space but if you put in the hours to learn and a little creativity, you can be on your way to earning hundreds of dollars weekly. The best board is one that can encase all the chess pieces once a game is over.

You should also strive to personalize the different game pieces to follow a certain theme. Game of Thrones wooden chess set, anyone?

42. Wooden Wardrobe

A wardrobe is an essential piece of furniture that helps to avoid throwing our belongings all over the place. Come up with unique designs to fit different house decors. You can also get in touch with landlords to upgrade wardrobes in apartments and create new ones for houses under construction.

Before you get to such a grand scale operation, why not start by displaying your work at craft shows and flea markets.

43. Wood Wind Chimes

Wooden Wind Chimes

Source: HouseUpgradeArt/Etsy

Wood is one of the different materials that you can use to make a wind chime. This can be a great way to turn your free time into a source of fast income and help keep off evil at the same time. With this craft, you can go with the traditional look or modern stylish, and colorful designs.

44. Birdhouse

Wood Birdhouse

Source: LakeHouseCraftSupply/Etsy

Since most people focus ideally on indoor decors why not focus on outdoorsy crafts? A birdhouse is a charming and popular woodcraft project that can be highly customizable.

Bird lovers tend to attach a high value to functional and nice-looking birdhouses. As such, you make a fortune from selling distinctive birdhouses at craft shows.

Most Profitable Woodworking Projects to Make and Sell

Most of the time, woodworking can be a time-consuming process. With this in mind, it’s best that you get yourself acquainted with the most profitable wooden crafts to make and sell.

To help with that, scroll on for the keep scrolling to find out which crafts pull in the most profits.

45. Wooden Gift Signs

When customized with someone’s name or details, wooden signs make good gifts. What I like most about gift signs I that they can be made for any occasion and don’t require much craftsmanship. Their retail price is anything from $5 to $20, depending on the quality of the work.

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46. Keyrings

Oak Keyrings

Source: Pollyandbell/Etsy

A key holder or ring is a tool that is easy to make and very useful in our day-to-day lives. With many people misplacing their keys now and then, a wooden key holder that can be hanged would be a top priority for many craft shows visitors.

Since they are fast to make, you can personalize the items as your buyers watch. Wooden keyrings can be sold for $10 each and have always been best sellers. 

47. Wooden Birthday Cards

Personalised Wooden Birthday Card Cake Design

Source: TilleyTree/Etsy

People are looking for even better ways to make birthdays even more memorable, so why not make wooden birthday cards for sale? The fact that these are unique items makes them sell fast.

A single wooden birthday card can retail for $10+. You can take them to craft shows and flea markets or rather take the e-commerce route by selling the cards on Artfire.

48. Wooden Buttons

Wooden buttons in clothes, especially for children’s clothing and vintage fashion items, is a surprisingly lucrative business idea. They can be styled to resemble a hundred things including animals.

The more unique your designs are, the better chance you have at making your buttons bestsellers. This striking woodworking project can sell for $5 to $10, a set.

49. Decorative Trays

Wooden Tray

Source: Woodinout/Etsy

You can make some really fun and unique wooden trays and sell them. The list of tray designs ranges from bath tray caddies and breakfast in bed trays to chalkboard serving trays. The versatility of these trays effectively makes the craft a best seller.

Depending on the quality, type of material, and size, you can price them anywhere from $15 to $75 at the local craft show. You can also sell them online where even though the competition is stiff,  there is a ready market for quirky crafts.

50. Miniature Mantle Clock

Minimalist Wood Clock

Source: StylishNatureStudio/Etsy

Since every house needs at least one clock, an attractive mini mantle clock will sell quite fast as a memento.

Additionally, this is yet another woodcraft with an expensive price tag but easy to make. With the right technique, you can end up with a wooden mini clock that will one day sell as a prime collector’s item.

51. Box Shelves

This is basically a collection of single boxes put together and attached with screws. With simple square designs, you can make a variety of shelves for home decor. It helps to experiment with various designs and finishes to land on a profitable creation.

What makes box shelves bestsellers is that they are economical and flexible. At the same time, they can be scaled down or up to any size as per the intended end-use.

You can place them uniformly on walls or scale them down and place them on top of the table. Such personalized home decors can retail from $50 to $100+ per set.

Most Profitable Wood Crafts to Sell

You might ask which wood crafts are proven to be the most profitable. The answer is an item that can sell fast at craft shows or even on a large marketplace such as Amazon. The trick is to make a craft that doesn’t require too much time or materials to create but sells readily.

Here are my top picks:

52. Wooden Bottle Opener

A bottle opener is a very essential item in our life. An opener made from wood takes a short time to make and can be personalized to fit the desires of your customers.

Additionally, the craft is small, light, and can mass-produced fast to satisfy large orders.

53. Swing Bed

Decorative Porch Wooden Swing

Source: BDwoodesign/Etsy

Swing beds are quick to make but the design is both sturdy and elegant. They are popular during spring and summer for resting under the shade or for sunbathing.

Also known as patio swings, these beds require a few materials to construct and sell. Can you also work with canvas too? Make a patio swing bed with a canopy and make over $500 or more from a single bed.

54. Knife Blocks

Oak knife

Source: Pinnery/Etsy

Knife blocks make very practical gifts for home use. Carve them in your workplace, afterward buy matching knives so that you can sell sets at a higher retail price.

55. Salad Bowls

Hardwood is durable and makes the best wood for salad bowls, especially when good care is taken to avoid sharp finishes. How can you differentiate hardwood from softwood?

Simple, the former usually produce nuts and fruits. Get your hand on the right wood and you stock your craft shows stall with bowls retailing at over $100 apiece.

56. Baby Gymnasium

This wooden item is very popular in online markets and may seem like a factory-made item only. The truth is, you can fashion a baby gymnasium right in your backyard.

More to this is that all you need as far as material go, is a mitre saw, a drill, and a random orbital sander. Just be sure that the paint used in this project is rated for human use.

Final Take: Can You Make Money Selling Woodcrafts?

Wood is among the most popular material that you will find in homes, offices, schools, and even the streets. Simply put, people love using wooden items and craft shows offer the best chance to showcase and sell your designs. With a steady flow of work, you can make over $15 per hour and over $1,000 from selling items such as wooden swing beds.

Are you a woodworker or a businessperson selling wooden items in craft shows, or elsewhere for that matter? We would like to hear from you. Also, tell us which items are the most profitable and how to get started on this line of business.

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Frequently Asked Questions About wood crafts to sell at craft shows

If you have questions that need to be answered about the topic wood crafts to sell at craft shows, then this section may help you solve it.

What products made of wood sell the best?

What handmade wood products are the most popular?

  • Wooden signs.
  • Wall signs.
  • Wooden pallets.
  • A wooden bench.
  • Kitchen products.
  • Furniture.
  • Surfboards.
  • Boxes.

What Wood Project is the most successful?

Wall signs are among the most marketable wood projects because they are simple to make and personalize. You can take a piece of wood, like a 18, hand-paint quotes on the board, and sell it to nearby customers.

Which goods do craft fairs sell the most of?

Let’s examine the kinds of goods that people might “want” more than others when they shop at craft fairs.

  1. Self-Improvement Products. Everyone cares about themselves and everyone wants to feel good. …
  2. Improved Perception Products. …
  3. Purposeful Products.

Which crafts will sell best in 2022?

The Arts and Crafts with the Best Profit Margins

  • 1 ? Jewelry. The jewelry industry is a multi-billion dollar industry, so there’s room for every business. …
  • 2 ? Art. Everyone hangs some form of art in their home so it’s an industry people spend money on. …
  • 3 ? Photography. …
  • 4 ? Soap & Candles.

What is the most recent trend in crafting?

Because the finished product is essentially abstract art, you can’t go wrong while pouring your product onto canvas, glass, paper, wood, tile, or stones, making this one of the coolest DIY fads of 2022.acrylic paint pour artbr> br> Online sellers have a multitude of simple-to-use kits created for this growing trend.

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