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Why is my bank joining with United Community Bank?

Like Seaside, United Community Bank has always placed a tremendous focus on people, both employees and clients. United abides by the same philosophy upon which the bank was founded in 1950, which is simply to “treat clients and colleagues the way we want to be treated.”

Seaside lives by these same principles, and it is exciting to join our two excellent, relationship-centered teams together, bringing access to new services such as: mortgage and specialized business lending expertise including renewable energy financing, asset-based lending, new market tax credits and expanded SBA lending. Whether assisting you with your current services or discussing new ones, we are committed to continuing as the banking partner you have come to know and trust.

Why is Seaside Bank and Trust making changes to my accounts, debit card and online banking system?

On July 1, 2020, Seaside Bank and Trust and United Community Bank joined forces. Together, we are committed to delivering the same personalized care you enjoy today, but with the added benefit of expanded services to meet your needs, goals and aspirations. You will continue to enjoy the same convenience and service from the team of Seaside Bank and Trust professionals you know and trust, at the same locations.

Seaside Bank and Trust’s operating system will be fully integrated into the United operating system the weekend of February 19. As a result, the accounts and services you have with Seaside Bank and Trust will undergo some changes. Effective February 20, all of your accounts and services will be subject to the Terms and Conditions enclosed within the Product and Services Transition Guide.

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More than anything, we are working to ensure these changes are as seamless as possible.

Will I continue to work with my dedicated Seaside Client Advisor and Financial Concierge?

Yes, the Seaside Client Advisor and Financial Concierge you know and trust is committed to assisting you through this system integration. Your Client Advisor and Financial Concierge is backed by a team of professionals that also have a high commitment to client service and local relationships. You should continue to conduct your banking as you always have and you will continue to experience the same great service from the team of bankers you have come to know and trust.

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What does a new conforming loan limit mean for you?

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Well, that depends on a few things. It may mean you have additional buying power, or that it could make sense to refinance your current home loan. But before we get into how you could be affected by the 2023 conforming loan limit, let’s talk more about exactly what it is.

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To ensure that your financial information is secure whenever you use the Internet, we’re asking you to take a few minutes right now to make sure you’re using the most current version of your Web browser. That’s because the browser—the software application that lets you surf the Web—also plays a huge role in protecting you and the data you choose to share when you’re online. The most common browsers are Microsoft Internet Explorer®, Mozilla Firefox®, Google Chrome™ and Safari®. As online fraud and theft evolves, browsers must become more secure with each new version. That’s why companies that provide Web browsers continually release patches to stay one step ahead of fraudsters. So it’s vital that individual users, like you, routinely apply the upgrades to stay protected-on your smartphone, tablet and computer.

Always using a current Web browser is vital to keeping the information you share and the sites you visit secure. This includes the financial information you view and exchange while using Online Banking. Knowing you’re using the most current version is one of the best ways to give yourself peace of mind.

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There are many versions in use today that provide adequate protection. If you’re using any of these you’re in great shape:

  • Android Mobile Operating System (OS): version 5.0 (Lollipop) and higher are supported
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Please note: Microsoft Internet Explorer® is no longer supported as of July 7, 2020. For a more secure experience, we recommend using a browser from the list above. 

If you’re unsure which version you’re using, please refer to the browser identifier on our support page which displays the browser you are currently using to access this page. You may also check with the browser provider to make sure it’s current. To do this, simply visit the website of your preferred provider and navigate to their updates/patches.

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