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Which OT specialty pays the most?

Home healthcare OTs typically work for private agencies in their clients’ homes, and according to the BLS, they earn the highest salaries. The annual mean wage of home health care OTs was 02,640 in 2021. The second highest-paying OT position was in nursing care facilities.

Do OTs have a high demand?

The US Bureau of Labor Statistics projects that there will be a 17% increase in job growth for occupational therapists between 2020 and 2030, with the aging population being one factor, but not the only one, in those numbers.

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How much money can occupational therapists make?

According to the Bureau of Labor Statistics (BLS), occupational therapists can make up to six figures in states like California and Nevada.

Is OT a fulfilling career?

According to a survey on job satisfaction in occupational therapy settings, 67% of non-school therapists and 94% of occupational therapists working in schools gave their jobs a rating of “good” or “better.”

Which is more lucrative, OT or PT?

Physical therapists reported higher median annual salaries than occupational therapists, at 1,010 as of May 2020, according to the BLS, while occupational therapists reported higher median annual salaries, at 6,280 as of that same month.

What setting for occupational therapy is the simplest?

Clients are frequently ambulatory and drive themselves to these programs, so shifts are frequently 8 hours long. Outpatient Behavioral / Mental Health is typically the easiest on your body compared to other OT settings as there is no lifting or transfers required.

Who is paid more, PT or OT?

An OT makes an average of $3,200 annually, while a PT makes an average of $6,850 annually.

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Who earns more: occupational therapists or registered nurses?

Occupational therapists make $8,700 per year, while registered nurses make $5,970 annually, per the BLS.

Is working in OT stressful?

As a result, even though working as an occupational therapist allows you to help people achieve their goals and provide meaningful treatments, you may struggle daily to meet your productivity goals.

Is nursing more difficult than physical therapy?

When comparing the educational requirements to start a career in these two fields, physical therapy is typically seen as the more difficult choice because it typically requires multiple degrees, including a doctoral degree.

What causes occupational therapists to quit their jobs?

Based on the scant research that is available, it appears that AHP staff leave because of workload/pressure, a lack of career opportunities, family responsibilities, and pay (Chartered Society of Physiotherapy, 1998; Rossiter; 2000; College of Occupational Therapists; 2002).

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