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Salary of a pediatric dentist |

The average Pediatric Dentist salary is b>69,209/b> as of November 23, 2022, but the salary range typically falls between b>49,169/b> and b>84,803/b>. Salary ranges can vary greatly depending on many important factors, including education, certifications, additional skills, and the number of years you have spent in your profession.

Pediatric dentist salary range comparison jobs: Senior Executive

Pediatric dentist jobs are available to search for at img src=>.

Rock Dental Arkansas PLLC, Little Rock, Arkansas, is in the div.

10k Sign-On Bonus Available! Pediatric Dentist or General Dentist Needed for Our Busy Pediatric Practice Rock Dental Brands, Founded by Dr. Mark Dake, DDS, MSD, and Dr.

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Rock Dental Arkansas PLLC, Little Rock, Arkansas, is in the div.

Doctor Founded. Doctor Led. Rock Dental Brands, founded by Dr. Mark Dake, DDS, MSD, and Dr. Byan Hiller, DMD, MS, is seeking a pediatric dentist for our busy pediatric practice. A 25k Sign-On Bonus is available.

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Job Description & Requirements Pediatric Dentist Start Date: ASAP Available Shifts: Day 8 Pay Rate: 6.00 – 98.00 This facility is located in…

Posted 15 days ago on

Bluetree Practice Services – Modesto, California

Harmony Pediatric Dentistry in Modesto, California is seeking a full-time pediatric dentist to join the team. The candidate should have experience or be nearing completion of their residency program.

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Pacific Dental Services Supported Office – Clovis, California (div)

The Chance You chose dentistry as a career because you wanted to provide excellent pediatric dental care and have a career that would last a lifetime. With our practice, you can lead a balanced lifestyle.

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Pediatric Dentist Job Opportunity West Coast Dental Services would love to invite you to think about joining our dental team at one of our cutting-edge and modern dental clinics.

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What does a pediatric dentist do? img src=>br>

Child dentist in Fayetteville, North Carolina

Provide dental care for children receiving treatment for illnesses that call for dental involvement in the patient’s multidisciplinary medical care, such as chemotherapy or bone marrow transplants.

May 11, 2022

Othello, Washington pediatric dentist

supervise, manage, and train the dental department’s staff, including any residents that the executive leader has assigned.

9 October 2022

To identify and treat diseases of the oral cavity, high-quality clinical and radiographic evaluations are performed.

June 07, 2022

Diagnose and treat medical conditions affecting the mouth and teeth, give oral hygiene advice, and maintain thorough, accurate patient records.

July 11, 2022

Examines those seeking care, diagnoses their dental/oral conditions, prescribes and administers the necessary dental/oral care, or instructs others to administer it, or refers patients for specialized consultation or care in accordance with accepted clinical protocols and guidelines.

July 20, 2022

With at least one (1) year of experience in pediatric dentistry, it is preferred, you should have proven expertise in relevant dental procedures, protocol, trends, and best practices.

27 August 2022

Participates in the development of goals and objectives as well as short- and long-term program planning for the dental department and the organization.

02 September 2022

Pediatric dentist pay in major cities: h2

As of November 23, 2022, San Francisco City consistently ranks first in the salary rankings for pediatric dentists among major cities. Click on the chart to view a more detailed breakdown of pediatric dentist salaries in each city.

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Average Salary Range for Pediatric Dentists – div> div> h3>img src=>

Typical Base Salary

fundamental payment

An average of all compensation in cash

includes base and yearly bonuses

What will pediatric dentists make on average in 2022?

These charts show the average base salary (core pay), as well as the average total cash compensation, for the position of pediatric dentist in the United States. The base salary for pediatric dentist ranges from 49,169 to 84,803, with an average base salary of 69,209. The total cash compensation, which consists of base pay and annual incentives, can vary anywhere from 72,774 to 33,040, with an average total cash compensation of 4,062.

View the table to see the average salary for pediatric dentists.

Average Salary Average Salary Range
Base Salary $169,209 $149,169 – $184,803
Bonus $34,853 $23,605 – $48,237
Total Pay $204,062 $172,774 – $233,040
The p>b>* Base Salary/b> is the gross income before taxes and other deductions, excluding any additional compensation like benefits, bonuses, profit-sharing, or commissions.

Base pay, bonuses, profit sharing, tips, commissions, overtime pay, and other forms of cash compensation, as appropriate for this job, are all included in the total pay.

Online salary estimates for pediatric dentists are available for free at

Please enter the following pay factors for Pediatric Dentist, to get a real-time salary target; if you want to get more detailed salary information, please view Professional Salary Report on, which offers free, accurate, and real-time salary for thousands of careers.

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  • Comments about a pediatric dentist are shown in a h3>img src=””>coloricon.
    What distinguishes a pediatric dentist from a general dentist?

    The average salary of a pediatric dentist is 69,209, while the average salary of a dentist is 88,484, according to our most recent salary estimation on November 23, 2022.

    Which location pays pediatric dentists more: Springfield, Missouri, or Fremont, Nebraska?

    Pediatric dentists typically earn more in Springfield, MO than in Fremont, NE; as of November 23, 2022, a pediatric dentist in Springfield, MO earned a salary of 59,869, while a pediatric dentist in Fremont, NE earned a salary of 57,593.

    Pediatric dentist Frequently Asked Questions – h3>img src=
    Why do pediatric dentist salaries differ from one city to the next?

    You’ll always make more money in New York City than in a small town, for example, because the cost of living is linked to salaries. If the costs are higher in a particular city, then the wage level will be higher as well to afford the people the opportunity to live there.

    What Determines a Pediatric Dentist’s Salary? p

    Pediatric dentist salary ranges can vary significantly depending on the city and a number of other pay factors, including (but not limited to) education level, certifications, additional skills, and work experience.

    How Do Pay Factors Affect Your Salary?’s Personal Salary Report will analyze these factors for you to help you maximize your earning potential. Ultimately, salaries are determined by the position being applied for, and the hiring company, but there are several significant pay factors that come into play based on your personal history that could impact your value to the company.

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    Frequently Asked Questions About how much do pediatric dentists make

    If you have questions that need to be answered about the topic how much do pediatric dentists make, then this section may help you solve it.

    What industry pays pediatric dentists the most?

    Pediatric dentist salaries vary depending on where they work, with Alaska, New Jersey, New Hampshire, Rhode Island, and North Dakota paying the highest salaries for pediatric dentists.

    Is working as a child dentist difficult?

    Many people may not be aware of it, but there is a lot of work that goes into cleaning children’s teeth compared to general dentists. There is so much more that these pediatric dentists do and have to learn. Becoming a pediatric dentist is b>no easy task/b>.

    What dental specialty receives the highest pay?

    maxillofacial and oral surgeons

    Where do dentists make the most money?

    Average Dentist Salary by State. The three states with the highest dentist salaries are Rhode Island (58,920), Vermont (54,190), and Alaska (42,850), with West Virginia coming in last at 27,950, just ahead of Kentucky (28,850).

    State Average Annual Salary
    Vermont $254,190
    Alaska $242,850
    Maine $236,060
    New Hampshire $222,430

    46 more rows?

    Are dentists paid more than physicians?

    Dentists in the United States make an average of 36,728 per year, while doctors in the same country can expect to make 48,010 per year. Salary expectations can vary based on geographic location, education, and specialty.

    Which area of dentistry is best?

    The highest level of education in dentistry is a master’s degree in dental surgery, which can increase your chances of finding employment as a dentist in reputable institutions.

    Is training to be a doctor or a dentist more difficult?

    Since a Bachelor’s degree is necessary for prospective medical students to continue to medical school, becoming a doctor or dentist requires a serious time commitment, ranging from 7 to 12 years for doctors and 4 to 12 years for dentists.

    Which dentist has the lowest pay?

    The highest-paid 10% of dentists made at least 08,000 in the same year, while the lowest-paid 10% made 3,880. The Bureau of Labor Statistics predicts a 6% increase in dentist employment between 2021 and 2031.

    Are dentists generally millionaires?

    Two out of three dentists responded that they do not consider themselves to be wealthy in a recent survey conducted by The Wealthy Dentist, citing the high cost of the field as one of the reasons.

    Is it financially worthwhile to become a dentist?

    For those who want to spend eight years in college to become professionals and earn a mean annual salary between 80,830 and 37,990, dental school is worthwhile because it leads to a well-paying and honorable profession.

    Dentists earn six figures, right?

    Dental specialists and those who own their own practice can make significantly more money than the average, with oral surgeons and endodontists earning the highest salaries in the field. Dentistry is one of the highest-paying medical professions.

    Are dentists addressed as Dr.?

    The General Dental Council (GDC) has allowed its members to use the title “Dr” since 1995, according to the ASA and CAP, as long as it is crystal clear that it is only a courtesy title and there is no other implication that they are qualified to perform medical procedures.

    Which major is the simplest for dental school?

    Because of the nature of dentistry, you may benefit the most from majoring in a natural science, such as biology or chemistry. Majoring in a natural science may also make it easier for you to get into dental school because these majors include many of the courses that dental schools require you to have taken.

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