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onographer Salary (December 2022) – Zippia | Average Cardiac Sonographer Salaries Hourly And Annual

How much does a Cardiac Sonographer make? div id=average-salary-chart>

Cardiac sonographers in the lower end of that spectrum, the bottom 10% to be precise, make about 4,000 a year, while those in the top 10% make about 16,000, or b>9,641/b> per year, or b>8.29/b> per hour, in the United States.

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Cardiac sonographer salaries vary depending on where they work, with California, Oregon, Idaho, Rhode Island, and Washington paying the highest salaries.

Highest Paying States For Cardiac Sonographers div> div>
The darker areas on the map represent the states with the highest salaries for cardiac sonographers nationwide.
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State-by-state average pay for cardiac sonographers


Sonographer for the heart

Jobs in Your Area

Cities With The Best Paying Jobs For Cardiac Sonographers

Details on Cardiac Sonographer Pay

Average Cardiac Sonographer Salary Graph
Average Cardiac Sonographer Salary Graph, Trends, and Summary

Which Businesses Offer Cardiac Sonographers the Highest Pay?

According to our most recent salary estimates, Washington Hospital Healthcare System and Erlanger Health System are the highest paying companies for cardiac sonographers.

Trends in Cardiac Sonographer Pay

Salary Trends for Cardiac Sonographers

Compare the national average of salaries with those in specific states or cities.

Salaries for Cardiac Sonographers Just Added

Cardiovascular Sonographer Salary FAQs
Which State Offers the Best Pay for Cardiac Sonographers?

Cardiac sonographers make the most money in California, where the average yearly wage is b>27,301/b>, or b>1.20/b> per hour.

How Can I Tell If My Compensation As A Cardiac Sonographer Is Fair?

If your annual salary as a Cardiac Sonographer is close to the average salary for the state in which you reside, for instance, if you live in Oregon, your salary should be around $7,529.

What Kind Of Cardiac Sonographer Makes The Most Money?

Sonographers earn the highest salaries, with a median salary of b>5,898/b>, the highest paid 10% making b>04,000/b>, and the lowest paid 10% earning b>0,000/b>.

Cardiac Sonographer Jobs Search

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Cardiac Sonographer Salary (December 2022) - Zippia

Cardiac Sonographer Salary (December 2022) – Zippia

Diagnostic Cardiac Sonographer Salary in Boston …

Salary: Cardiac Sonographer (December, 2022) - Glassdoor

Salary: Cardiac Sonographer (December, 2022) – Glassdoor

Salary: Cardiac Sonographer in Boston, MA - Glassdoor

Salary: Cardiac Sonographer in Boston, MA – Glassdoor

Diagnostic Cardiac Sonographer Salary and Job Outlook

Diagnostic Cardiac Sonographer Salary and Job Outlook

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What kind of sonographer receives the highest pay?

tech in neuro-ultrasound

Is cardiac sonography a rewarding profession?

Cardiovascular sonography can be a fulfilling career choice for many people, as it offers above-average job growth and the chance to help save lives. These healthcare professionals enjoy working with the most up-to-date ultrasound imaging equipment and continue learning throughout their careers.

Is training to be a cardiac sonographer difficult?

Although it will take a few more years of experience as an echo tech to feel comfortable, typically, it takes between two and three years to learn how to become a cardiac sonographer.

Where do cardiac sonographers earn the highest salaries?

Cardiac sonographers earn the most in ‘b>California, Oregon, Idaho, Rhode Island, and Washington’/b>, while the bottom 10% of this spectrum, or those who work in the field, make about 4,000 annually, compared to the top 10%, who earn 16,000 annually.

What is the sonographer’s lowest pay?

The top 10 percent of sonographers make $1,650, while the bottom 10 percent make $9,640, according to data from the BLS for 2021. However, income varies across a range for all occupations.

Do cardiologists earn more than nurses do?

Completing an Advanced Cardiovascular Sonography Program is one way to advance in your career. Nurse practitioners made an annual wage of $11,680 in 2020, which was more than 5,000 dollars higher than that of RNs or sonographers.

Is being a cardiac sonographer demanding?

Sonographers spend the majority of the day standing up and moving from patient to patient with little time for breaks, which can lead to stress and fatigue. Staff shortages may also cause heavier than usual workloads.

Does math need to be used in cardiac sonography?

Because of the nature of these courses, strong math and science skills are essential for program success. For example, you’ll need to take and pass college algebra as well as anatomy and physiology. Sonography programs also require prerequisite courses that include math and science.

Is sonography a simple profession?

Being an ultrasound technician may seem like a difficult job, but it only requires a minimum of two years to complete the necessary schooling. It is a job that requires technical savvy, detailed knowledge of human anatomy, and the interpersonal skills necessary to make a patient feel at ease during the procedure.

Can sonographers earn six figures per year?

An experienced sonographer with a neurological specialty can easily make six figures a year, with the national average wage being around,000.

Sonographers or MRI technicians who earn more money?

Both MRI and ultrasound technicians use technology to look inside the human body to assess health and diagnose disease; ultrasound technicians do, however, make slightly more money.

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