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ipment Operator Hourly Pay


Avg. Base

Hourly Rate




The average hourly pay for a Heavy Equipment Operator is $20.84


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What is the Pay by Experience Level for Heavy Equipment Operators?

An entry-level Heavy Equipment Operator with less than 1 year experience can expect to earn an average total compensation (includes tips, bonus, and overtime pay) of $17.46 based on 89 salaries. An early career Heavy Equipment Operator with 1-4 years of experience earns an average total compensation of $18.70 based on 1,755 …Read more

What Do Heavy Equipment Operators Do?

A heavy equipment operator is a construction worker who is specifically tasked with the safe and efficient operations of heavy machinery, such as loaders, dump trucks, backhoes, and graders. The heavy equipment operator ensures that the machinery he or she is about to use is in good working order, and then follows all relevant procedures and protocols while using it. The operator may be asked to provide input into the way some equipment is used on a site, and is required to report any noticed …Read more

How do Heavy Equipment Operators Rate Their Jobs?

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replies, the duty of

Operator of Heavy Equipment

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Operator of Heavy Equipment

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What occupation pays the most for heavy equipment operators?

According to our data, a Heavy Equipment Operator can earn up to $2.02 per hour.

What is the heavy equipment operator’s lowest pay?

According to our data, the hourly rate for a Heavy Equipment Operator is 5.15.

How can operators of heavy machinery raise their pay?

There are several ways to increase your pay as a Heavy Equipment Operator: switching jobs to a new company that will pay more for your skills; going back to school to earn advanced degrees to increase earning potential and qualify for promotions; managing experience to increase your chances of getting promoted if you are a Heavy Equipment Operator who supervises less experienced Heavy Equipment Operators.

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Average Heavy Equipment Operator Hourly Pay – Payscale

Heavy Equipment Operator Salary (December 2022) - Zippia

Heavy Equipment Operator Salary (December 2022) – Zippia

Heavy Equipment Pricing Per hour

Heavy Equipment Pricing Per hour

Operating Engineers and Other Construction Equipment ...

Operating Engineers and Other Construction Equipment …

Frequently Asked Questions About hourly rates for heavy equipment with operator

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Who earns the most operating heavy equipment?

High-Paying Positions Operating Heavy Equipment

How much does equipment cost?

The cost of transporting the majority of the equipment to the job is included in Section 151 – Mobilization, and the equipment rates also include b>fuel, oil, lubrication, repairs, maintenance, and insurance.

What is the front end loader’s hourly rate?

As of, the average hourly wage for a Work From Home Front End Loader Operator in the United States was $3.53.

Where can I find the best pay for equipment operators?

Heavy equipment operators earning the most per state

Rank State Average Heavy Equipment Operator Salary
1 New Jersey $65,211
2 Washington $58,830
3 California $57,498
4 New Hampshire $57,250

46 more rows?

Can operators of heavy equipment earn six figures?

As of, the average salary for a Heavy Equipment Operator in California was $7,214; however, the range for this occupation typically lies between $4,578 and $7,604.

How is the equipment hourly rate determined?

Simply put, a machine’s cost per hour is equal to its total cost minus its ultimate salvage value divided by its total expected life. For example, a machine that costs 5,000 and is anticipated to last 17,000 hours before being sold as scrap for,500 would cost.38 per hour to operate.

How are the costs for large machinery determined?

Operating costs equal labor + fuel + maintenance + replacement costs for tires, tracks, and other components + overhead. Owning costs equal machine purchase price + financing + taxes + disposal price (what you get for that machine when you resell it).

The loaded hourly rate is what?

Loaded Hourly Rates are billing rates that are all-inclusive, must reflect direct labor costs, including fringe benefits, overhead, and profit, as well as any costs associated with maintaining any necessary field offices, mileage, tolls, parking, and travel and lodging expenses.

How much money do Walmart truck loaders make?

The average Walmart Loader hourly wage in the United States is $9.83, which is 32% higher than the country as a whole.

Are heavy equipment operators in short supply?

The demand for heavy machinery technicians and operators currently outpaces the supply and will continue to do so in the future, which may result in higher development costs and project delays.

Is operating heavy machinery physically demanding?

Due to what researchers refer to as multiple-axial WBV exposure, off-road heavy equipment vehicle operators are most at risk for neck and low back injuries.

What is the world’s biggest manufacturer of excavators?

The largest producer of construction equipment in the world, Caterpillar, has more than 300 machines in its product line, including many different-sized excavators.

Is operating heavy equipment worthwhile?

Yes, operating heavy machinery is a good job. In the heavy machinery operation field, experience counts for a lot. Heavy equipment operators can earn up to 5,000, with the best of the best earning close to 00,000 or more annually.

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