(Last Updated On: November 18, 2021)

A paramedic is a specialist healthcare professional who responds to emergency calls for medical help outside of a hospital. They mainly work as part of the emergency medical services and their work mainly involves autonomous decision making around the emergency care of patients.

1. Canada

Salary: $120,000

The salary of a paramedic in Canada is dependent on province and experience. Generally, those who are based in Ontario have an annual salary starting from roughly CA$70,000 – CA$90,000 as a Primary Care Paramedic. Their duties include providing basic medical care, administration of oxygen, administering IV, cardiac monitoring, semi-automated external defibrillation and others. Those who get promoted to Advanced Care Paramedic are paid around CA$80,000 – CA$100,000. They are trained to perform intubation, intravenous therapy, place external jugular IV line, perform needle thoracotomy, obstetrical assessment and administer pain relief. Critical Care Paramedics are the highest-paid category. Their salaries range between CA$100,000 – CA$155,000. They mainly engage in critical and intensive care unit level care, stabilizing and transporting patients in hospitals.

2. Switzerland

Salary: $105,000

An ambulancier in Switzerland gets paid between CHF60,000 – CHF98,000 based on different levels of experience and responsibilities.

3. United Kingdom

Salary: $95,000

Paramedics’ salaries are usually covered by the NHS and start at Band 5 which ranges from £23,000 – £29,600 annually. For team leaders or senior paramedics who have extra skills in critical care or trauma, they are paid between €28,000 – £36,000. Those who go up to the level of a consultant paramedic get into the band 8c salary £60,000 to £71,200 annually.

4. Australia

Salary: $78,000

A paramedic working for St John NT which is a government-appointed provider for ambulance services in the Northern Territory, earns about AU$98,000 per year while an intensive care paramedic earns AU$107,000 annually. Rescue paramedic based in Western Australia makes between AU$100,000 – AU$110,000, those based in Adelaide (AU$60,000 – AU$66,000), Perth (AU$89,000 – AU$100,000), Sydney (AU$88,000 – AU$91,000) and Tasmania (AU$109,000).

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5. Norway

Salary: $74,000

An ambulance paramedic gets paid an average of 19,500 NOK per month at the early years of his career and once one gains over a decade of experience they can make an average of 54,700 NOK per month.

6. United States

Salary: $67,600

In the United States the best paying states are Washington with a mean salary of $67,600, District of Columbia ($57,000), Hawaii ($54,000), Maryland ($49,500) and Alaska ($48,000). A large number of Paramedics are paid an average of $34,000.

7. Netherlands

Salary: $54,000

Paramedics in the Netherlands earn an approximate salary of €4,000 per month or €48,000 per year.

8. Ireland

Salary: $52,000

The National Ambulance Service is the statutory pre-hospital emergency and intermediate care provider for the State. A student paramedic earns a salary of around €26,000 for the period of training, a full paramedic earns a basic pay of between €26,000 – €37,000. An advanced paramedic earns the normal basic salary plus an extra allowance of €9,215 per annum.

9. Japan

Salary: $50,000

Most paramedics in Japan have a firefighter background. The job needs a minimum of five years of employment as ambulance personnel, 509 hours of lecture and 406 hours of hospital training or simulation in a training facility. They make between 1.7 million Yen annually at the start of their career and 5.5 million yen at the peak of their career with over a decade of experience.

10. Germany

Salary: $35,000

A typical paramedic’s salary various around €2,000 – ¢2,600 per month for upto 48 hours per week. They can earn more for shift work and assuming additional tasks.